Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Incredible Courage of Cindy McCain

Newsweek's Holly Bailey has gone In Search of the Real Cindy McCain and she came up with this jaw dropper:
...Back home, their wives work, chase after the kids and take care of the house, building lives of their own while their husbands build their careers. Cindy McCain knows what that's like. Over the 28 years of her often long-distance marriage to Capt. John McCain, USN (Ret.), she says she thought of herself as a Navy wife whose husband was off on tour—albeit on Capitol Hill instead of somewhere in the North Atlantic. "It was almost like a deployment," Cindy told NEWSWEEK. "What I told the kids from the time they were little is that their dad was deployed and serving our country in Washington."
Okay, I'm a Navy Brat. Mom was a Navy wife from the late forties through the early Sixties. That was a time of long Cold War deployments for the Navy. Dad would be gone was all we knew. Often we didn't know how long he'd be away or even where his ship would be. What we did know was how it felt to have no money because the allotment checks got screwed up. We knew what it was like to have Cheerios for dinner. We wrote letters that took weeks to go back and forth. We knew how it felt to have a deployment extended by months because there was a flare-up somewhere in the world. We learned to adjust to a family dynamic that changed when the head of the household returned. Throughout all, Mom kept the family together and kept our heads up.
That Cindy McCain would assume for herself the mantle of these courageous, incredibly strong women demonstrates what a shallow, self-involved poser she is. That her husband would allow her to do so suggests that he is, at best, a tin-eared politician.
In all of her cosseted life, Cindy McCain has never had to do anything as tough as standing on the pier with two little kids while her husband's ship sails away.
Cindy McCain is not fit to wash the feet of a Navy wife.